What went Wrong - A shocker from FarmOn Message Center
Got a shock of my entire stay at FarmOn when I received a note from the Message Center that my  12th cycle investments is being rejected?

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As majority of FarmOn members, I am only depending on the availability of my funds shown on the Vault Summary, but maybe my mathematical calculations is not good enough that this might be the reason why FarmOn rejected my request.

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I posted this so that FarmOners  will not become a victim of their own, just like what happen to me now, or might be a way so that the management of FarmOn will "re-consider and give notice" to affected FarmOners to re-visit, re-validate and change their request to suit FarmOn requirements. 

Disappointment of course in my part but maybe this gives me more diligent in assessing my future investments with farmOn.  

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MY 12th Cycle request
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Advise lang po withdraw mo ang lahat balance fund mo.

At pag nag open ang 13th cycle saka muna lng bayaran sa pamamagitan ng bank transfer.

Kapag ito ay hindi kaagad binigay syo at maghintay pa ng 13th cycle bago ka bayaran!!

Merong nangyayari mali sa FarmOn ito ay maliwanag ng SCAM.
For sure I will temporary withdraw  all the amount shown on the Vault Summary. Just requested FarmOn to remit the whole amount to my local bank today.
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nakuha mo ba sir at nakapag invest ka sa 13th cycle?
(01-02-2017, 06:42 PM)elabizProperties Wrote: Just received my encasement just before the holiday kaya masaya ang Pasko at bagong taon. Happy New Year ka-FarmOners.
Maging mapanuri at mapagmatyag. Maraming gumagaya at naninira sa FarmOn. Pero ever since wala pa akong naging problema sa encashment.

Happy farming!