About is a crowdfunding community where people can help farmers on their financial needs and at the same time reap rewards for their contributions. was developed by Sproads, a web publishing company based in Manila.

Established in 2014, and a pioneer in the integration of new technology. has developed its own concept in reintroducing farming with the use of social media and online applications; thru virtual farming. People who wanted to engage in farming but has no time can now participate and help by financing our partners at their own expenses. currently owns 96 hectares of farmland property which we use for farming. These farms are managed by our partners and local farmers and are located in Isabela and Quirino Province. The farms that were tilled are all properties of

Our farmers provides man-power in the operation of the farms. They make sure that the crops and livestocks are properly taken care off. They also assists us in maintaining our farms by keeping it clean, safe and livable.

Through FarmOn, we were able to help our farmers in their financial needs by providing them capital through the community of crowdfunders. We have helped them and have guided them in finding the right markets for the products they produce. We provide them with advance methodologies and techniques (to further enrich the knowledge and enhance the skills of our farmers) which were introduced and developed by those who are dedicated to the craft.

Agriculturist from the Department of Agriculture and farm professionals are also working with us hand-in- hand. They give advices and techniques on proper soil management, breeding and raising livestocks, crop protection, environmental sustainability, farm diseases, and harvesting.

With the technical assistance and thru the fundings of our crowdfunders, we were able to help our farmers.


In this modern age where technology has become more advanced, people’s way of living and thinking has been affected. And so was their views and opinions.

Our generation has viewed farming as a lowly occupation. The call for industrialization and modernization has become “so great” even farmer’s themselves abandon this occupation just to chase their “American Dreams”. We aim to alleviate this misconception of people about farming, with the help of

Our continuous growth and success and our driven passion in introducing farming with the aid of modern technology; thru the use of social media sites and applications, has ensured that online farming can be a profitable business.

This is why FarmOn.Ph was created. We wanted to help farmers have a stable livelihood and income. We aim to reintroduce farming to every Filipino’s around the world. We aim to bring FarmOn closer to your home and to your heart. lets you experience the best of both worlds.

CROWDFUNDING at it works? uses the concept of crowdfunding in assisting our farmers. How does crowdfunding works?

In every cycle FarmOn will open a new project, which will then be funded by the contributions given by our crowdfunding community. Our crowdfunders will then choose a specific product from the list which FarmOn will be posting. With the aid of the given contribution, our farmers can start the production.

Members who have given their contribution for that project will receive reward only if the project has been deemed successful. Each community members must also acknowledge the risks involved in farming. Factors like climate change and natural disasters are some of the risks involved.


Profits are not guaranteed but risks are managed!

With the equipment of new methodologies and techniques in farming, we were able to enhance the production of our products. Easy to grow lowland crops and vegetables (such as papaya, petsay, string beans, legumes, varieties of pepper and others) are our main products. Along with crops, livestocks (such as pigs, goats, ducks, and chickens) are being domesticated.

How do we manage climate change and natural disasters? has its ways on battling climate change and natural disasters. Take for example El Niño (a natural occurring phenomenon which causes warming. This warming causes a shift in the atmospheric circulation with rainfall becoming reduced over the areas affected), FarmOn has built water its own reservoirs to facilitate this issue. It enables our farmers to water the plants despite of water scarcity.

La Niña is also another occurring phenomenon. It is the counterpart of El Niño. This phenomenon causes heavy rains which leads to massive flooding’s on affected areas. FarmOn builds drainage canals to expel the excess waters accumulating. This ensures that the plant won’t drown and be destroyed. Some of our farms are strategically located on high areas to avoid the effects of La Niña.

We also planted guard plants which protects our crops from strong wind currents which can destroy our plants.

Despite the changing seasons, FarmOn will continue to develop and look for solutions, in battling the serious effects of climate change.

If in case the farm has been devastated by natural calamities; (such as earthquakes, storms, flooding’s, and uncontrolled pestilence) FarmOn will replant crops as well as raise livestock again to ensure that the community’s demand will be met.


We at believes that there is a bright future in farming. We aim to change the misconception of people about it by encouraging them to go back to farming. We will continue to inspire them by innovating it and by bringing FarmOn closer to your home and within the reach of your hands.

We want to promote farming and introduce it to younger generation, so that they will know the importance of this massive yet unappreciated and underestimated industry. wants to provide good quality and marketable products throughout the country.

By supporting our team and our products, by joining us, you will be able to help our farmers secure a brighter future for themselves and for their families.

And the top of it, you will be rewarded!

Join us! Be part of our growing family. Let us help our farmers, let us help alleviate poverty among them.

Because here on, we take pride on giving the best service and quality agricultural products in the region.

So Help! Contribute! And Be Rewarded!

There is a future in farming and the future is now in your hands.

Make a choice! Be a FarmOner!