An Investment with a Mission
We have pioneered in virtual farming in 2014, now we have once again rolled up our sleeves by trying to Cooperativize the forgotten industry that we are all dependent from - AGRICULTURE.
Join now to become the catalyst for change that will catapult agriculture to the future where it will be reliable, efficient, sustainable and economically viable.

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Investing in AGRICULTURE is
Investing in the FUTURE!

The FarmOners Agriculture Cooperative

Notice that from the very start we kept our goal of making the country agriculture self sufficient.

We will begin by increasing the agriculture area by converting barren lands to productive farm lands. Then we will proceed with the production process by utilizing scientific farming and full mechanization so that we can increase the yield and lower the production cost. This is the heart and soul of the FarmOners Agriculture Cooperative.

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The FarMech Agro-Industrial and Technology

Farmech is a full range Agro-industrial services provider that has a mission of maximizing the potential of the farms and the achievement of full mechanization in agriculture.

Farmech covers, but is not limited to:
1. land development;
2. plan, design, construction/installation and maintenance of irrigation system, post harvest & rice processings facilities, and silos & warehouses;
3. research and development on matters related to the industrialization of farming.

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The Grains & Greens

After harvest, a marketing arm is essential because it adds value to the produce and this is where Grains and Greens comes in.

Grains and Greens' mission is to link farmers to the consuming public. In doing so, it sees to it that all stakeholders are considered. From purchasing of farm produce at the right price to selling fresh farm produce to the consumers at a reasonable price, grains and greens balances the trade.

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We got it all covered: from Farm to every Filipino’s plate.