How does it work?

Just like the previous platforms, FarmOn 3.0 is simple and easy to work with. All you need to do is visit the webpage and register as a FarmOner. The site will guide you through the entire registration process. Once registered, a FarmOner may now browse the available projects and check which of them are open for funding. Once you have chosen a project, a confirmation will be sent and you may proceed with funding the project. A project will be closed if it reaches its funding duration or as soon as it is fully funded. Updates will be posted so that FarmOners are able to monitor the progress of the project. Although FarmOn will be just an intermediary, we will make sure that thorough background checks, researches and investigations will be conducted on each project.

FarmOn has not deviated from its original objective – to lend a helping hand to our farmers. For the past five (5) years, we have been an enabler to the farming community. Now, FarmOn will become bigger and bolder. Watch idle lands turn into productive ones and create various job and business opportunities along the way. With version 3.0, we have also expanded the scope of our services beyond the farming community. Aside from serving the entire agricultural sector, we will now be able to help entrepreneurs and even start ups.

FarmOn 3.0 is not only bigger and better it has become a social enterprise.