Frequently Asked Questions

FarmOn 3.0 is a total upgrade of FarmOn 2.0 and 1.0. The services given to the farmers were broaden to cover everything that they need. Scientific farming will also be introduced using the Package of Technology that the in-house Technology Department of FarmOn has developed, tested and validated. From here on, FarmOn will no longer rely on Farm Inputs that are readily available in the market. We are now developing our own Farm Inputs. We have introduced new technologies in rice farming like the use of hormones to even nanotech. We will also be introducing state of the art facilities and equipments, which include drone sprayers and transplanters.

More than that, FarmOn team has also decided to cooperativize the major operations. It is a major change and a bold move but it has to be done so that we can empower all members and be able to achieve our vision and mission. FarmOn started as a community and so we figured that the best way to move forward and upscale operation is through cooperative.

In terms of scope, FarmOn 3.0 will include projects that both models did not cover. The first 2 models focused on farming itself but in FarmOn 3.0 it will cover the entire agriculture industry including essential projects that need to be done in between. The research farm will be maximized and the Technology Team behind it is composed of Agriculturists, Chemist, Agricultural Engineer, Biologist and a host of consultants both here and abroad. Partnership with industry experts and authorities started last year. In terms of mechanization and automation, the latest and most modern tools, equipment and facilities both here and abroad will be adapted.

The agriculture sector is being left behind and the effect of it is slowly being felt and is affecting all Filipinos. FarmOn 3.0 will attempt to provide a solution to the issues and concerns that we are encountering in the industry now -- we focus first on rice, next will be the other highly-imported agricultural products.

a. FarmOners will feel more secure and safe as transparency is one of the basic features of this version. Financial Statements and or terminal reports will be made available every year end or end of project.

b. For cooperative members, they will become an integral part of the community and therefore they will now have the right to vote, to be informed and to be heard.

c. Many FarmOners keep an eye on the opening of products. Some go online most of the time just to make sure that they are able to register and fund a specific product. With the cooperative, there is no need for that as funding will be done only once except during withdrawals and top ups.

d. For FarmOn 1.0, funding is done only during specific seasons and FarmOners have keep an eye for each opening for them to be able to join otherwise they need to wait for the next opening. FarmOn 2.0 has solved that problem of FarmOn 1.0 but FarmOners are mere joiners and help to farmers is limited. For FarmOn 3.0, FarmOners may join the cooperative and be a member of the movement.

Expansion is no longer limited to actual agricultural production as done in the past. FarmOn 3.0 is bigger and wider in scope. Just like before, the intention would always be to help the farmers and the members of the community that is helping them will also earn in the process. FarmOn 3.0 is a social enterprise meaning that more than the business model, it has a noble mission and vision.

To avoid confusion and for the benefit of all FarmOners, the registration process was patterned after that of FarmOn 1.0. Joining is very easy. Just click on “Sign Up” button and the website will guide you through.

While registration is the same, FarmOn 3.0 is different in some aspects. In terms of project, FarmOner may now choose whether or not to stay as a joiner or as a member of the cooperative.

For joiners, the concept is similar to that of FarmOn 1.0. The only difference is that FarmOn will no longer manage the farm but it will closely monitor it. The team that used to manage the farms are no longer part of FarmOn but they will be utilised to assist and help the farmers to ensure that FarmOners’ interests are well taken cared of.

For cooperative members, they become an integral part of the community and will have the benefits stated in No. 5b of this FAQ.

FarmOners may participate in different projects that generally categorised into two (2).

a. As Members:
      1. FarmOners Agriculture Cooperative
      2. FarMech Agro-Industrial Technology
      3. Grains and Green

b. As Joiner
      1. Area 500
      2. Pangal Norte Rice Farm
      3. Sta Cruz Rice Farm
      4. Lacab Rice Farm
      5. Anafunan Rice Farm *
      6. Rumang-ay Rice Farm *
      7. Dalibubon Rice Farm *

a. For FarmOn 3.0 joiners, they can fund each time a project is open and they may join multiple projects at a time.

b. For FarmOn 3.0 cooperative members, the project is open all the time. That means that FarmOners can fund as many times as they possibly could, provided that they do not go beyond 10% of the capital share. They could also fund at any time they wish to without waiting for the period when the project is open.

a. For FarmOn 3.0 joiners, lock in period is coterminous with the project.

b. For FarmOn 3.0 cooperative members, lock in period for the minimum capital share is coterminous with the membership of the FarmOner. Please take note, however, that only the minimum capital share is locked and not the dividend and top ups.

FarmOners will earn according to the performance of the project that they have joined in. Their share will be presented through a financial/terminal report every end of the year or end of each project. Details of each project are presented on the page/section provided for each project.

Yes! Transferring was also made very easy. Just like what FarmOners used to do, they may transfer their fund to the new project. To do that, there is an available option to either "Re-invest" or "Withdraw". Just select the desired choice.

We do not advise paying in advance.

a. For FarmOn 3.0 joiners, there is a registration fee of Php 100 per project.

b. For FarmOn 3.0 cooperative members, there is a one-time registration fee of Php 500.00. This fee may be waived for active FarmOners depending on their participation/involvement in the previous projects.

We do not have a fixed date for each project. Opening of projects will be posted on the Facebook page and/or the website.

The contract/agreement/receipt can be downloaded in your "Contribution Requests" page. Delays may occur if the project doesn't reach the minimum required funding.

Payment may be made through the following:
- Union Bank
- Metrobank
- Security Bank

Other modes will be available in the future as we gear up towards automation.

A FarmOner is given 3-6 banking days to settle payment. Failure to pay automatically forfeits the application for registration to the project.

Payments will be confirmed after sending the required document (if there are) and proof of payment. Payment will be confirmed within 5-7 working days on the same ticket where the request is sent. If no confirmation is received within 7 working days, please keep in touch with the customer service immediately. Delays may be due to a large number of tickets that are on cue.

Payments made after 6 banking days automatically forfeits the existing application. Payment will automatically be recorded and can be used to fund the next project available.

Late payment may be refunded but FarmOner shall bear all costs and expenses which is 10% of the amount being refunded to cover processing fees, administrative costs and bank charges.

Actual returns will depend entirely on the business operation. Every end of each project or year financial/terminal report will be posted and computations will be presented for everyone’s perusal.

Duration may vary depending on the project. Here’s the list of the projects with the duration and the respective estimated/historical ROI (average ROI).

Project Duration Historically-based ROI
Area 500 6-8 months 8% to 12%
Pangal Norte Rice Farm 6-8 months 8% to 12%
Sta Cruz Rice Farm 6-8 months 8% to 12%
Lacab Rice Farm 6-8 months 8% to 12%

Profit distribution is on a First Pay, First Out basis. Those who paid and was confirmed first will be the first ones to receive their returns.

Withdrawal request may be done after every project. This will be made known through emails that will be sent out to all participants of the project. A service fee of Php50.00 will be charged in every withdrawal request on top of the service fee being collected by the remittance center or bank of your choice (if any). The fee will be used to cover the cost incurred during withdrawals and remittances. All withdrawals will be processed and will be made available three to five (3-5) working days after the request.

Submission of withdrawal request can be sent directly using your FarmOn account. Just log in to your account. Click the withdraw button at the bottom of the Vault Summary. Enter the amount you want to withdraw then submit. If you are using someone's bank account attach a copy of authorization letter from the account owner then submit your request. Kindly update your profile to fill up your bank details/money remittance details.

Just simply send your proof of payment to the same ticket where the contract was sent.

A project may still continue even if the project is not fully funded. In the event that a project/venture will not push through because of insufficient funds, FarmOners will be informed right away and reimbursement will be made immediately.

If any of this happens for some reasons, please email your concern using the new email that you would like to use. Please provide us with your old email address and 2 valid Id's as well. Finally, for security reasons, please and answer these questions:

When is your birthday?
What is your favorite color?
What unit is your first cellphone?
Who is your first best friend?
What is your alternative email address?

Please be mindful that we do not want to make it difficult for you. We are only doing this to protect you.

- How to Send Money with InstaPay (BDO Personal Online Banking and Mobile Banking)
• Log in through BDO Personal Banking or Mobile Banking

• Choose Send Money >> To Another Local Bank >> Pick an InstaPay partner bank

• Fill in the details

• Enter the One Time Pin sent to your phone or generated by your BDO Mobile App’s OTP Generator

• Confirm details

- How to Send Money with PESONet (BDO Business Online Banking)
• Login through BDO Business Online Banking
• Choose Standard Services >> Outward Payment* >> PESONET
• Fill in the details
• Confirm details

You may reach us through the following:
Email: [email protected]
Cellphone numbers: (+63)939 357 4209 or (+63)906 495 1856
Landline Number: (078) 325 2481
Address:#577 P-Maligaya, Batal, Santiago City, Isabela.

You can also contact us on our Facebook page but our response may be delayed as we prioritize those that we receive through email and phone calls and messages. Our FB account is:
FB: FarmOn Agri-Community Corp.

This FAQ was written on January 17, 2020 which means that it is effective for as long as no changes are made. Changes in the Terms and Conditions may be imposed anytime to improve the services.. For any change/s, all affected FarmOners will be informed through email and the new Terms and Conditions will automatically supercede that which is written here one (1) week after emails are all sent.