About FarmOn

FarmOn Agri-Community Corp. (FarmOn) is a crowdfunding company where people can help farmers, entrepreneurs, institutions, marginalized communities and generally anyone in need with their financial problems.

Established in 2014, and a pioneer in the integration of new technology. FarmOn has developed its own concept in reintroducing farming with the use of social media and online applications in a platform known as virtual farming. When it was launched, people who wanted to engage in farming but has no time can now participate and help by financing our partner farmers.

Through FarmOn, the crowdfunding community whom we call “FarmOners” were able to help hundreds of farmers and their families in their financial needs by providing them capital. We have also helped them and have guided them in finding the right markets for the products that they produce. We provided them with advance methodologies and techniques (to further enrich the knowledge and enhance the skills of our farmers) which were introduced and developed by those who are dedicated to the craft. For the first time in history, state-of-the-art machines and equipment was also made available to them.

In helping the farming community, we have partnered with experts from various institutions. Advices and techniques were given on proper soil, water, nutrient, pest and disease management as well as crop protection. The right technology on breeding and raising livestock were also introduced. Technical assistance and funding through the FarmOners were able to help our farmers for years.

While helping the farmers by providing solutions to their predicaments, problems keep on coming. Bigger and more serious problems are sprouting. While much have been done and more and more lives have been touched, we cannot ignore the fact that we need to do more to make a permanent and lasting solution.

With this in mind, the new version of FarmOn was conceived. BIGGER, BETTER, AND BOLDER -- these are just but a few words to describe it. Bigger because the area of operation will be expanded and so with the scope of recipients. We will now go beyond Regions 1, 2 and 3 and we can now help, not only those in the agriculture sector but everyone who needs our help. Better because the experience will be improved. From better communication lines to flexible withdrawal schedules to more personalized services, no stone was left unturned. Bolder because for the first time ever, we will be walking through the uncharted territories in crowdfunding. These and so much more on the new FarmOn.