Our Story

“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.” - Steve Jobs

In 2014, FarmOn Agri-Community Corp, through Sproads, was launched and by then these were the strong words that the community was holding on:

“...a movement that will revolutionize farming in the Philippines and later on making us become self-sufficient in agricultural production for the generations to come.”

The battle cry came out from the observation that most Filipinos do not even bat an eye for the development of Philippine agriculture. Often, young Filipinos consider farming as their least preference for a life-long profession. They consider it too risky due to many factors. Typhoons are constantly flooding and destroying crops. Extreme heat in summer season make crops withered up. Uncontrolled pests devour hectares of plantation. Filipinos, who have long lived because of the hard work of our farmers, are slowing turning their backs from agriculture because of the aforementioned reasons.

Despite the odds, it is never too late to turn things around. This is what FarmOn has always been aiming to do from the very start--- to topple this stereotyped notion. Through proper technology, equipment and management, there is income in farming. There is life in farming. There is a future in farming.

When it was launched, FarmOn has adapted the concept of a popular game app that Filipinos are crazy at during the time. FarmOners can choose crops and plant them virtually on the farm site of their choice. In FarmOn, farming does not stop at the virtual world but our partner-farmers plant them in real life. FarmOn 1.0 bloomed to life and catered thousands of FarmOners and farmers for the past 5 years. This platform paved way for farmers to focus on the productivity of the farm without having to worry about the capital and raw materials to be used.

Through the years, FarmOn has been responsive to changes. The Rice Tariffication Law (RTL) for instance that resulted to cheap imported rice became a problem of the farmers. Even before the effect was felt by the farmers, FarmOn has gone ahead and launched FarmOn 2.0 to help them. FarmOn remained steadfast and laser focused on the established big dreams which are to make Philippines globally competitive in the field of agriculture and to make it a rice self-sufficient country by armouring our farmers with modern farming technologies, machines and equipment. Full and advanced mechanization and Package of Technology were introduced to help secure better yield while decreasing the production cost. With FarmOn 2.0, Philippine agriculture had a taste of 21st century farming technology.

After more than five (5) fruitful years, FarmOn has grown exponentially to the point where there is a need to restructure and redesigns itself and be relaunched as an intermediary company. The change is brought about by the fact that inorder to fulfill the dream, bigger and bolder measures has to be done.

With intensive and painstaking conceptualization, FarmOn 3.0 is finally here. FarmOn version 3.0 was designed to be in line with the Memorandum Circular (MC) 14 of the SEC (Rules and Regulations Governing Crowdfunding). This gives us better and clearer ways on how to help our dear farmers. FarmOn is now a crowdfunding intermediary that serves as an investment portal that will help you discover and fund best projects with great potentials. Currently, the portal showcases projects in three categories: (1) Farming, (2) Technology and Mechanization and, (3) Farm Produce Procurement and Franchising.

We know that along the way, there were struggles and challenges but here at FarmOn we don’t stop searching for solutions because when we fail, we don’t change our goal -- we just change the process since we are set to reach our goal.