Project Details & Updates

Palay Procurement Project

Project by: Grains and Greens Agriculture Marketing Cooperative
Duration: 1 Year (2 croppings)
Products: Local Rice
Minimum: ₱3,000 (+₱500 one-time membership fee)
Start of operations: March 2020 onwards

355people fund this
22% raised

Grains and Greens is a production and trading company located in National Highway, San Leon, Umingan, Pangasinan. It was established in November 17, 2017 and for two (2) years it has grown and is currently building a brand that promotes only locally produced agricultural products.

To date, Grains and Greens has been helping farmers in Regions 1, 2 and 3 by buying their produce at a fair price. Last year, when the price of palay and rice has gone down and that most traders where importing rice, Grains and Greens remained steadfast in supporting the local farmers by buying palay from the farmers even in the far flung areas and by selling only locally produced rice.

This year, Grains and Greens introduced a project they called “Adopt-a-Barangay” where they assure the local farmers in different areas that their produced will be bought at a fair price. This project aims to motivate the farmers to remain in the field of farming and plant again.

The main focus of the project would be palay for now but it will expand in the future. This is to support the local farmers who are now greatly affected by the changes in the agriculture industry, specifically that of rice trade.

The member’s investment in this cooperative will be used to buy palay locally, have it milled and then sell it through its growing network of outlets nationwide. The idea is to bring the farmers produce directly to the consuming public and by doing so, the producing farmers and the consuming public will be benefitted. The farmers will be able to sell their produce at a fair price and they don’t have to worry about marketing it while the consuming public will get fresh produce at a lower price. The members, on the other hand, will enjoy the income derived from doing this project.

Investment per kg of Palay P15
Frequency to buy palay per year 2 croppings
Drying & milling recovery low: 0.55
Price of rice per kg low: P30
high: P31
Operational expenses P2 per kg
Profit per kg per year low: P1
high: P2.1
ROI per year low: 6.7%
high: 14%

Important notice: The estimate above was computed based on the prevailing prices and circumstances. Please understand that these are just estimates and so changes may apply and it should not be misconstrued as a guarantee. In preparing this estimate, the team conducted due diligence in considering all factors that may affect the operation and they have included them in the equation.

Roger Gamao
Chief Executive Officer

Jean Otoman
Chief Business Officer

Lorilee Gamao
Chief Marketing Officer

Liezel Venturina
Marketing Supervisor

Arjay Tieng
Operations Manager

Jean Lopez
Marketing Supervisor


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Operations Team

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