Our Message

Philippines used to be an agricultural country. Today however, our various regional economic dilemmas aggravated by the global crisis forced our leaders to search for solutions that will pull us through this agricultural demise. Philippines slowly shifted from having an agricultural economy to becoming industrial and service-oriented. For the longest time, these lucrative economies became our temporal solutions. But would you agree that money isn't everything?

Food is one of our most basic needs and without it, we just can't survive! Our agricultural deterioration made us source food from other countries. Can you imagine having to rely to other countries for our necessities? It would have been easier to accept this predicament if the Philippines hadn't been an agricultural haven before.

It is disheartening to know that even our own government's efforts aren't enough. The institutes and agencies formed to promote agriculture aren't enough. Mere want and empty visions aren't enough. But action driven by a clearly defined vision ought to get us somewhere.

This irony got our attention and we decided to act upon it. We wanted to be part of the change. After series of consultations and brainstorming, we finally arrived at what we consider as a plausible solution -- FarmOn.

FarmOn may seem to be a mere game console to many. But at the heart of it, you can see that it is a movement that will revolutionize farming in the Philippines and later on making us become self-sufficient in agricultural production for the generations to come. Through FarmOn, we shall create a new organic farming culture which will involve the whole Filipino community and bring on a new generation of farmers.

FarmOn is not just about farming, it's also about life! We are now living in the epoch of synthetics. Almost everything is artificial. The result is a body inflicted with all sorts of health problems--cancer of every kind, disease of all types. Here at FarmOn, we also care about people's health and we promise to do our very best to ensure that only quality organic products will come out of our farms.

With these words, I invite you to join us in bringing back a greener and more productive agricultural Philippines. It's time to take pride in farming again. It's your time to farm!

- FarmOn Agri-Community Corp.